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Our Manifest

We are a group of university students who decided to do something to improve the world and so our Startup.

Our focus is to serve mainly the market share that we know best, young people and College students. Our business model is based on the development of technologies that unite universities and companies, creating communities and improving ties between these tips.

We monetized this process via Shared Economy fundamentals.


Here are some of our projects


Opportunity & university


Services & facilitation


Security & Accreditation


Learn more about the trajectory of our company.

  • August - 2016

    First steps

    It was in 2016 that we started, we were not exactly one company, but we had a promising idea, and that's why we invested our free time in what became the Cansho Group.

  • 2016 - 2018

    Embryonic startup

    We always thought it was not enough just to have a project, to meet this need, we think of new validated from consultations with potential partners and customers.

  • May - 2018

    Reinventing the company

    Almost two years later, we continued our hard work, as our company has become more and more consolidated and our partners have been fundamental to this. It was therefore important to rewrite some to fit the market better.

  • 2019

    Future plans

    Our focus is and always will be delivering value within the proposal of our clients, so investing in innovative projects is the our business, and from this we aim to grow more and more.

Our team

Meet our main names.

Yure Cangussú



Victor de Almeida



Ronielli Oliveira

Development Director

Yara Varges


If you would like to work with us please email us with a PDF resume for contato@canshogroup.com.